YREKA CA 96097

December 13, 2022


Brandon A. Criss, Chair

Supervisor, District 1

Ed Valenzuela, Vice Chair

Supervisor, District 2

Michael N. Kobseff

Supervisor, District 3

Nancy Ogren

Supervisor, District 4

Ray A. Haupt

Supervisor District 5

Angela Davis

County Administrator


Edward J. Kiernan

County Counsel


Laura Bynum

Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board


NOTE: This meeting is being agendized to allow staff and public to participate in the meeting via teleconference.

Conference Call In Number: 1-669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 867 8685 9691 or access here:

During the call you may press *9 on your phone to ‘raise your hand’ to ask to speak during the meeting.

(Or follow the alternate digital directions below)

Remote Listening and Public Comment via Teleconference:

Members of the public may appear in person or remotely listen to and participate in the meeting via teleconference, which is encouraged. For those wishing to appear in person, the location of the meeting is Board of Supervisors’ Chambers, 311 Fourth Street, Yreka CA. If you wish to listen or participate in this meeting through teleconference, simply dial into the conference line at 1-669-900-6833 Meeting ID: 867 8685 9691 or access here:

Alternate directions: During the meeting, click on the “Participants” icon at bottom center

of your computer or phone screen, then click the “Raise Hand” button.

The Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors welcomes you to this meeting. This agenda contains a brief general description of each item to be considered. If you wish to speak on an item on the agenda, please complete a Speaker’s Card identifying the item(s) and return it to the Board Clerk. If you wish to speak on a matter that does not appear on the agenda, you may do so during the Public Comment period. Persons speaking during Public Comment will be limited to three minutes, or depending on the number of persons wishing to speak, it may be reduced to allow all members of the public the opportunity to address the Board. Except as otherwise provided by law, no action or discussion shall be taken/conducted on any item not appearing on the agenda. When addressing the Board, please state your name for the record prior to providing your comments. Please address the Board as a whole through the Chair. Comments to individual Supervisors or staff are not permitted.

The Board may take action sitting as the Board of Supervisors and as the governing body of: Siskiyou County Flood Control and Water Conservation District Board, Siskiyou Power Authority, County Service Area 3 Board, County Service Area 4 Board, County Service Area 5 Board, Airport Land Use Commission, and In Home Supportive Services Public Authority.

Availability of Public Records. All public records related to an open session item on this agenda, which are not exempt from disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act, that are distributed to a majority of the legislative body will be available for public inspection at 311 Fourth Street, Room 201, Yreka CA 96097 at the same time that the public records are distributed or made available to the members of the legislative body. All supporting documentation is available for public review in the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, located in the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office, 311 Fourth Street, Room 201, Yreka, CA 96097, during regular business hours, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, those requiring accommodations for this meeting should notify the Clerk of the Board’s Office 48 hours prior to the meeting at (530) 842.8084, or toll free at 1.888.854.2000, ext. 8084.


1.            9:00 A.M. - Flag Salute

2.            Roll Call

3.            Closed Session - It is the intent of the Board to meet in closed session to discuss the following items:

A.            Conference with legal counsel, existing litigation pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(a), name of case:  In the Matter of the License Surrender Proceedings for the Lower Klamath Project:  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Proceedings:  No P-2802-063 and 14803-001.

B.            Conference with Legal Counsel, Anticipated Litigation Pursuant to Government Code §54956.9.  Significant exposure to litigation pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(d)(2).  One case

4.            Report on Closed Session

5.            Invocation - Siskiyou County Sheriff Chaplain

6.            Presentations from the Public

PLEASE NOTEThis time slot is for information from the public.  No action or discussion will be conducted on matters presented at this time.  You will be allowed three (3) minutes for your presentation. The Chair can extend the time to five (5) minutes for appropriate circumstances. Written comments can be presented if so desired, by providing a minimum of 7 copies to the Clerk. When addressing the Board, please state your name for the record prior to providing your comments. Please address the Board as a whole through the Chair. Comments should be limited to matters within the jurisdiction of the Board.

7.            Consent Agenda - The following consent agenda items are expected to be routine and non-controversial. They may be acted upon by the Board at one time without discussion. Any Board member, staff member, or interested person may request that an item be removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion and consideration.  Approval of a consent item means approval of the recommended motion as specified on the Agenda Worksheet. Public comment for consent agenda items: - Please press *9 to ‘raise your hand’ to ask to speak during the ZOOM/teleconference meeting.

A.            County Administration

Approve letter to Senator John Laird providing feedback to the Sierra Nevada Conservancy Bill Proposal, Senate Bill 208, Dahle.

B.            County Administration - Natural Resources

Approve letter to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) requesting that the NRCS complete a Preliminary Investigation Feasibility Report for a potential Public Law 566 water storage project in Siskiyou County, within Scott Valley.

C.           County Administration - Personnel

Adopt Resolution amending the Siskiyou County Position Allocation List, regarding five Correctional Deputy positions, five Deputy Sheriff II positions, and one Behavioral Health Nurse II position, effective December 25, 2022.

D.           Health and Human Services Agency, Social Services Division

Approve Memorandum of Understanding with Partnership Health Plan to administer the Housing and Homelessness Incentive Program grant in an amount up to $2,143,812.

E.            Probation

Approve agreement with Shasta County Probation for placement of juvenile court wards at the Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility for the term November 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023 in an amount not to exceed $20,000.

F.            Probation

Approve the Memorandum of Understanding between Siskiyou County Superior Court and Siskiyou County Probation Department for Drug Court case management services for the term July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025.

G.           Public Works

Approve FY 22/23 Local Transportation Fund Claim in the amount of $1,255,620;  $613,866 for Public Transit and $641,754 for Streets and Roads.

H.           Treasurer - Tax Collector

Approve the sale of various tax-defaulted properties via Chapter 7 Sale or Chapter 7 Sealed Bid Sale, pursuant to California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 3698.5

I.              Transfer of Funds

1.         Public Health - $162,200.  Requires 4/5 Vote. 

2.         Plant Acquisition - $3,200. Requires 4/5 Vote.

3.         No Cost Center - $8,277.  Requires 4/5 Vote.

8.            Departmental Requests

A.            County Administration

Discussion, direction and possible action re Memorandum of Understanding between County, PacifiCorp, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Klamath River Renewal Corporation noting that the County will retain and PacifiCorp will fund an independent contractor to act as a Project Manager.

B.            Agriculture

Presentation re Apiaries from the Sis Q Bee Club.

9.            Public Hearings (Public hearing protocol)

1.           Opening of the hearing by the Chairman;

2.           Reading Order of Presentation into the record;

3.           Presentation of staff report, if any;

4.           Presentation of correspondence, which correspondence may be read, circulated or acknowledged and      made part of the record;

5.           Presentation of reports, arguments, or evidence by staff of other county departments or public agencies;

6.           Proponents arguments and/or evidence;

7.           Opponents arguments and/or evidence;

8.           Public comments (The Board reserves the right to reasonably limit the length of time of individual      comments and/or the total amount of time allotted to public comments.)

9.           Rebuttal by proponents;

10.        Rebuttal by opponents;

11.        Close of hearing;

12.        Discussion by members of the Board, if any;

13.        Entertainment of motion and second;

14.        Discussion of the question;

15.        Decision.

A.            Community Development - Planning Division

Continued public hearing re Resolution Amending the Rules for the Establishment and Administration of Agricultural Preserves and Williamson Act Contracts.  (Continued from November 1, 2022)

B.            Community Development - Planning Division

Continued public hearing to consider proposed amendments to two agricultural preserves and rescission of a portion of two Williamson Act contracts with subsequent reentry in order to consolidate all property under one preserve and one contract for property located east of the community of Macdoel, CA, for the Matthew and Audrey Parsons Trust Agricultural Preserve Amendment and Williamson Act contract rescission and reentry project (APA-22-02).  (Continued from October 4, 2022)

C.           Community Development - Planning Division

Continued public hearing for the first reading of an Ordinance Reclassifying Land in the Unincorporated Community of Greenview from Timber Production Zone (TPZ) to Rural Residential (R-R) on APN 025-370-380; Township 42 North, Range 10 West, Section 01 MDB&M and adopting a Resolution to Approve Kidder Creek Orchard Camp Use Permit Application (UP-11-15), Approve the Project's Environmental Impact Report and Adopt Project Alternative Number 4 (Reduces Occupancy), and Adopt a Mitigation and Monitoring Reporting Plan.  (Continued from December 6, 2022)

D.           Community Development - Planning Division

Continued public hearing for the second reading of an ordinance reclassifying land in the unincorporated area of Fort Jones from Prime Agricultural, 80-acre minimum parcel size (AG-1-B-80) to Rural Residential Agricultural, 40-acre minimum parcel size (R-R-B-40) on APNs: 023-270-110, 023-270-310, 023-270-390, and 024-190-140; Township 43 North, Range 8 and 9 West, Section 25 and 30, MDB&M, for the Blais Zone Change (Z-22-01) project. (Continued from December 6, 2022)

E.            Community Development - Planning Division

Continued public hearing for the second reading of an ordinance reclassifying land northeast of the City of Weed from Non-Prime Agricultural (AG-2) to Highway Commercial (C-H) on APN's 019-080-060, 019-080-080, and 019-080-090 Township 43 North, Range 3 West, Section 9, MDB&M, for the Hickey Zone Change (Z-22-04) Project. (Continued from December 6, 2022)



10.         County Service Area 4

A.            Hammond Ranch

Adopt Resolution approving the Agreement with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for an award under the Volunteer Fire Capacity Program of the Cooperative Fire Assistance Act of 1978 during the State FY 22/23 up to an amount of $11,823.80.

11.         Board of Supervisors' Requests

A.            Board of Supervisors

Review status of local emergency related to drought declared by Resolution 22-74, adopted on April 5, 2022; action to extend or terminate local emergency.

B.            Board of Supervisors

Review status of local emergency related to the proliferation of illegal cannabis cultivation as declared by Resolution 20-18, adopted on January 21, 2020; action to extend or terminate local emergency.

C.           Board of Supervisors

Review status of local emergency related to Mud Creek Debris Flows declared by the Director of Emergency Services on July 27, 2022; action to extend or terminate local emergency.

D.           Board of Supervisors

Review status of local emergency related to McKinney Fire burn scar and debris flows declared by the Director of Emergency Services; action to extend or terminate local emergency.

12.         Board and Staff Reports


*******Note:  Correspondence received by the Board of Supervisors is on file and available for review in the County Clerk's Office.  This document and other Board documents are available on-line at